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I'll show you the 3 simple healthy living pillars you can integrate into your daily life to start living healthier even if you have asthma.

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My Story:

From Asthmatic to Ultra-Athlete

Yoooooo, what's up fellow athlete?

I'm Jonny Havey, a lifelong athlete with asthma from Denver, Colorado. I am super pumped to have you here!

You might know me as the Co-Founder of eLearning Partners, one of the premiere eLearning and online course thought leaders in the industry.

But I'm also an ultrarunner, yogi, mountain biker, hiker, soccer player and overall athlete with asthma.

And guess what? I have had asthma since birth! So I get how hard it can be to do the things you love when some preordained challenge stands in your way.

That is why I am here - to share my lifelong story as an athlete with asthma with you, to empower you to live a healthy life and achieve your athletic goals.

Want to know how I lost 2 lbs a week as an athlete with asthma?

If so, you're in the right place! In December 2022, I weighed 191lbs and everyone said that they thought I was in good shape.

But I knew that I wasn't at 5 feet 9 inches in height, I knew I needed to healthily weigh somewhere between 160lbs and 165lbs. 

And more importantly, I knew that I felt better and was a much better athlete 25-30lbs lighter.

So I got a nutrition coach (Robbie Hall) and integrated the exact 3 pillars I outline in my free guide!

And the best part about it is you can do it too!

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