Working Out with Asthma: Top Tips for Success

Sep 21, 2023

Growing up, I was diagnosed with asthma, and doctors recommended putting me on steroids to ensure my lungs would stay healthy. They also prescribed an inhaler for me, but my parents decided against using steroids and didn't make me take the inhaler daily. Please remember that my experience might not be suitable for everyone, and it's crucial to consult your healthcare professional for personalized advice.

Over the years, I've developed a fitness routine that works for me and helps me stay healthy and active despite having asthma. The following are my  top tips for working out with asthma that have brought me athletic success in my life:

  1. Always Have Your Inhaler

The first pillar is having my inhaler with me at all times. Even though I don't use it every day, having it on hand is crucial in case of an asthma attack during my workouts. It provides peace of mind and ensures I can manage any unexpected situations that may arise.

  1. Stay Hydrated

Hydration is essential during any workout, but it's especially crucial for those with asthma. I make it a point to drink plenty of water throughout my workouts, whether I'm running, hiking, biking, or doing yoga. Staying hydrated helps keep my airways moist and supports my overall well-being.

  1. Plan Your Meals (Eat before, during and after your workout)

Eating plays a significant role in my fitness routine, and I've found that timing is key. I like to eat a balanced meal two hours before my workout to provide me with the necessary energy. Within an hour of my workout, I focus on eating something that includes protein, carbs, and fats. This combination sustains me during the workout and aids in recovery.

During longer workouts, like a two-hour trail run, I make sure to have some easily digestible food with me. I've found that foods like pretzels, especially gluten-free ones, work well for me. They provide the necessary energy without being too acidic, which can be problematic for people with asthma.

Incremental Growth: The Key to Success

Working out with asthma isn't drastically different from working out without it. The key is to be prepared and take things one step at a time. I often emphasize the importance of incremental growth in my fitness routine. Slowly but steadily increasing the intensity and duration of your workouts can lead to significant improvements in your overall fitness.

It's essential to choose exercises that you genuinely enjoy, as this will make it easier to stick with your fitness routine. There are no secret exercises or shortcuts to success – consistency and gradual progress are your best friends.

To help you achieve your fitness goals while managing asthma, I've put together a comprehensive guide based on my three pillars. Whether you want to lose weight, improve performance, or simply stay active, these principles can be adapted to suit your needs. You can find the guide linked below.

In conclusion, working out with asthma is entirely possible and can be immensely rewarding. I've demonstrated that, with the right approach, you can achieve your fitness goals and manage your asthma effectively. Remember to consult with your healthcare professional before making any significant changes to your routine.

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